CHG Introduces Hand Shower Resistant to Growth of Bacteria

LAKEWOOD, N.J. -- Component Hardware Group (CHG), a leading manufacturer and distributor of plumbing and specialty hardware components for the healthcare, food service, institutional and commercial markets, has developed SaniShower, a hand shower designed for use in hospitals and other residential care facilities that features the companys SANIGUARD antimicrobial technology.

CHG developed SaniShower after consulting with several infection control practitioners who confirmed that showers are one of the toughest places to keep microorganisms from growing and spreading to patients. SANIGUARD is a cost-effective, inorganic antimicrobial treatment that utilizes a silver ion-based technology to retard the growth of bacteria and odor-causing molds and mildews on treated surfaces and lasts for the expected life of the product. SANIGUARD products can include water tanks, faucet handles, door knobs, flush handles and other touch points on plumbing and hardware components.

In addition to the patent pending antimicrobial protection, SaniShower provides a gentle spray pattern that is ideal for use in burn wards, has an eco-friendly 2.0 gpm water consumption rate and can easily retrofit to most hand showers currently on the market.

SaniShower was specifically designed to fill an important need in the healthcare industry, said Thomas Carr, president of CHG. Our tests show that using SaniShower and other SANIGUARD products will ultimately help hospitals and other healthcare facilities cut down on the incidences of hospital-acquired infections, including MRSA.

The proprietary coating is currently the only antimicrobial treatment to meet National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Protocol P345 for antimicrobial efficacy. CHG continually conducts extensive third-party research and evidence-based testing of its SANIGUARD antimicrobial treatment for effectiveness in inhibiting the growth of various microorganisms. This information is provided strictly to substantiate the efficacy of the SANIGUARD antimicrobial compound and is not intended to support or endorse public health claims for treated articles under EPA regulation 40 CFR 152.25 (a). 

Source: Component Hardware Group (CHG)