Chicago Faucets' New HyTronic Electronic Faucets Limit Microbial Contamination

Chicago Faucets' new HyTronic Electronic Faucets were developed and tested specifically for patient care applications. HyTronic PCA faucets were tested at the University of Pittsburgh, with culture and sample analysis performed by Special Pathogens Laboratory, a nationally recognized analytical microbiology laboratory.

As a result of the tests, HyTronic PCA faucets were found to limit the tested microbial contamination to a level statistically similar to standards set by a conventional manual faucet. Healthcare facilities that install HyTronic PCA faucets may not need to worry that introducing electronic faucets into the plumbing system will raise the level of contamination in their water supply.

The HyTronic PCA line includes battery-powered and AC-powered units with standard or gooseneck spouts and single and dual supply options. An optional remote control may be used for mode and setting adjustments. This easy-to-service product line is designed specifically to improve patient care, offering touch-free, dual-beam activation for faster faucet response time, quieter operation for patient comfort, and improved hygiene.

"Bacterial contamination of hot water systems is a common problem in large healthcare facilities," says John Fitzgerald, vice president of Chicago Faucets. "Growth of bacteria can cause both structural damage due to microbially-induced corrosion and human infection. We are pleased to introduce these ground-breaking faucets – and the research that backs them up – for patient-care applications."

Source: Chicago Faucet Company