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Q&A: Nearly All Healthcare Workers Fighting COVID-19 Need N95s

July 14, 2020

Harry Peled, MD: “I think for administrators and infection control people, the attitude has to be there is enough evidence that the wearing of N95s should be official. The claim that we’re going to wait for perfect evidence is just not tenable. We don’t do that for anything else in medicine.”

N95s Should Be Standard Use for All Inpatient COVID Care, Say Investigators

June 30, 2020

Investigators argue in the Annals of Internal Medicine that all healthcare workers in inpatient settings caring for COVID-19 patients should be equipped with N95s.

Nasty ‘Maskne’: Ways Healthcare Workers Fighting COVID-19 Can Deal With It

June 25, 2020

Healthcare workers are particularly susceptible to maskne because they tend to wear their masks for extended periods.