Complete Line of Spinal Trays with Needle Protection Now Available from Smiths Medical

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Smiths Medical, part of the global technology business Smiths Group, has announced the expansion of their spinal anesthesia tray product line to include needle protection safety devices, providing anesthesiologists and infection control customers with increased product configurations and a complete line of spinal anesthesia trays available from one source.

Smiths Medical has increased its line of standard spinal anesthesia trays from two to nine to accommodate the specific needs of customers who want a choice of trays with Hypodermic Needle-Pro® and Point-Lok® safety devices, or with only Point-Lok® safety devices. The Hypodermic Needle-Pro® safety device is easy to use, and once activated, is designed to help reduce the risk to the clinician from an accidental needlestick. The Point-Lok® device is a versatile, stand-alone protection product that can be used on a variety of needle types and sizes, and helps provide effective protection for needles from 16 gauge to 30 gauge. The new spinal anesthesia trays include a new inner tray layout that is specifically designed to hold the Hypodermic Needle-Pro® and Point-Lok® safety devices in place.

The additional trays directly compliment the existing line of standard spinal anesthesia trays and their commitment of customer choice without compromise. Smiths Medical continues to enhance its position as a leader in the spinal anesthesia market by offering the broadest line of standard trays, the ability to custom configure spinal anesthesia trays, and by providing needle protection.

Source: Smiths Medical