Consumers Find Unique Option in Flu Protection

LAS VEGAS -- With the unexpected and unfortunate news of flu shot shortages this year, followed by predictions of a harsher than usual season, more people than ever are searching for alternative products to provide necessary protection for their families this flu season.  Used in France since 1957 as an alternative form of flu prevention, Dolivaxil Flu Season Defense has provided the United States with what might be the most unique alternative yet.

As with flu vaccinations, Dolivaxil Flu Season Defense is reformulated each year to help provide defense against the most problematic flu strains as predicted by the World Health Organization.  These strains are then diluted to homeopathic levels and taken orally over the course of several weeks to slowly, and safely, spur the bodys own defense system against the symptoms of the flu such as fever, chills, body aches and pains.  This non-prescription formula has no known side effects, no interactions with other over the counter or prescription medications, and can be taken by anyone over the age of two.

According to Lauren Feder, MD, a medical and homeopathic specialist in Beverly Hills, Calif., Many of my patients, both children and adults, use Dolivaxil as a preventative during the flu season.  Its nontoxic, effective and pleasant tasting.  Its a natural and potentially more effective alternative to the flu shot.

We knew that we had the most unique flu product when we introduced it to the United States in 2001, says Darren Krein, Dolisos America, Inc. vice president, and over the last four years, I think that weve proved it."  Krein adds, Last year we completely sold out of Dolivaxil within just weeks of its delivery.  This year we anticipated a large interest in our product, however the huge increase in demand as a result of the flu shot shortage has kept us working to keep our retailers shelves stocked as consumers look for alternatives to protect their families.  The demand for Dolivaxil remains strong as evidenced by the companys increase of more than 500 percent in unit sales over a strong sales season last year.

Dolivaxil is often recommended by physicians for patients who are not eligible for flu vaccinations due to medical conditions or other risks, and can also be used to supplement traditional flu vaccinations.  Available over the counter, Dolivaxil can be found in the cold and flu aisles of local pharmacies, health food stores and discount super centers with a suggested retail price of $12.95 per box of 5 single doses (the recommended dose for one person per flu season).

Source: Dolisos America, Inc.