Crosstex/SPSmedical Introduces SporView 10 Self-Contained Biological Indicators

Crosstex/SPSmedical introduces the SporView® 10 Self-Contained Biological Indicators into the acute-care market as a complement to its existing SporView® product line. SporView® 10 Self-Contained Biological Indicators are designed for 10-hour incubation as compared to the existing SporView® product with 24 hour incubation time. When purchased in test pack form, users can immediately release non-implant loads with peace of mind from the STEAMPlus™ Sterilization Integrator, which is attached to a load record card. Final results are then available after 10 hours of incubation. Biological indicator results are easily detected via a color change without the use of enzyme-based technology or specific and specialized incubators or monitoring devices. Both the test pack and self-contained biological indicators are FDA-cleared and meet industry recommendations for routine sterilizer efficacy monitoring and biologically testing implant loads.
Per AAMI standards, steam sterilizer cycles should be monitored at least weekly and preferably every day the sterilizer is in use, and every load that contains an implant. In addition, biological indicators should be used during initial installation of sterilizers, after relocation, malfunction, process failures and major repairs, or for periodic quality assurance testing of representative samples of actual products being sterilized.
SporView® 10 Self-Contained Biological Indicators are for use in all steam cycles and available in boxes of 50. The SporView®Plus Steam BI Test Pack can be purchased with either five controls or 25 controls, and may be used with most 55-60°C dry block incubators. Existing users of the SporView®Plus Steam BI Test Pack (SBT-025 and SBT-255) with 24-hour incubation time will automatically be upgraded to the 10-hour result.
Source: Crosstex/SPSmedical