Deb SBS Launches Program for Infection Control in the Workplace

Studies show good hand hygiene practices can reduce illness, absenteeism and associated costs by up to 50 percent. Ahead of the next cold and flu season, Deb SBS has launched a program called “Infection Control in the Workplace” to provide added weapons in the fight against microbes. Hand sanitizers and stand-alone dispensers are key elements in the infection control program.  Frequent, proper handwashing is another key element.

“There are many occasions when hand hygiene is required away from the washroom, such as when a person sneezes at the desk or work station,” said Tom Wirostek, vice president of marketing for Deb in the U.S. “The stand-alone dispenser for sanitizers can be placed in any convenient location within the workplace. Wall-mounted dispensers also are available.”

Deb offers alcohol and alcohol-free foam sanitizers.  It also offers alcohol- free foam sanitizers with no fragrance or dyes.

 “Deb InstantFOAM hand sanitizers have been extensively tested to be effective against many of the bacteria and viruses that cause common illnesses,” Wirostek said. “Our foam bubbles act like marbles rolling over the hands to the fingertips, allowing them to spread four times more easily than traditional gels. One shot of our foam releases more than 3,000 bubbles.”

The Deb Skin Care System has these components: protect, cleanse, sanitize, restore, educate and audit. There are Deb skin care products and dispensers for each of the first four components. The company also has materials available from Deb for the educational component. Those materials include signs and several different posters with the theme: “Your health is your hands.”

 “We think that Deb’s program for “Infection Control in the Workplace” can be effective in helping reduce absenteeism due to illness,” Deb president Allen Soden said. “We want to be an ally of human resource managers, wellness managers, and company nurses.”  Soden, a “missionary” for hand hygiene, has written articles for Infection Control Today magazine and has spoken on the subject to groups of healthcare professionals.

Sanitizers can be an important element in workplace wellness.  Deb  offers three different InstantFOAM sanitizers in various sizes and four different InstantFOAM dispensers.  InstantFOAM  is available with moisturizers and 72 percent alcohol content.  The non-alcohol InstantFOAM is 99.99 percent effective against common germs and bacteria.  The non-alcohol InstantFOAM sanitizer is available in a fragrance and dye free version that also is 99.99 percent effective.

Touch-free foam dispensers are available from Deb. Dispensers are available with a company’s logo etched into the unit.

Deb SBS manufactures soap and other skin care products for the away-from-home market. Deb SBS is part of the Deb Group, a worldwide manufacturer of hand-care systems and products.