DebMed to Present Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring System at ANA and ACNL Nursing Conferences

DebMed®, creator of an electronic hand hygiene compliance monitoring system based on the World Health Organization (WHO)'s Five Moments for Hand Hygiene, will present its DebMed® GMS (Group Monitoring System) at The American Nurses Association (ANA) 2014 Quality Conference and the Association of California Nurse Leaders (ACNL) 36th Annual Conference Feb. 5-7, 2014 and Feb. 12, 2014 respectively.

The nursing community plays an imperative role in infection awareness and prevention in hospitals, and these conferences enable us to talk one-on-one with nursing leaders to discuss the issue of hand hygiene and share with them the latest practices to protect nurses and their patients, says Heather McLarney, vice president of marketing for DebMed. Nurses are on the front lines of patient care and we are committed to arming them with the best tools.

Healthcare organizations are challenged with maintaining consistently high levels of safety and quality. DebMed provides a solution to help decrease healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and enable healthcare facilities to achieve breakthrough levels of quality while reducing costs.

The DebMed GMS electronic group monitoring system automatically tracks staff hand hygiene activity based on the WHO Five Moments for Hand Hygiene guidelines accurately and reliably, and provides hospitals with timely and actionable hand hygiene compliance data to help organizations create and sustain quality and safety initiatives. Additionally, the DebMed GMS is more accurate and reliable than oft-used direct observation without being punitive, as it provides feedback at the unit level as a whole rather than singling out individuals.

Electronic group monitoring systems are impartial, unbiased and report on 100 percent of hand hygiene events, not just the fraction of one percent recorded by human observation, adds McLarney. "Moving to electronic hand hygiene monitoring should be a priority for hospitals to keep their nurses and their patients safe. 

For more information on DebMed, visit ANA booth #315 or ACNL booth #311.

Source: DebMed