Ecolab Settles with EPA

CHICAGO-Ecolab Inc (NYSE:ECL) has reached an agreement with the US Evnironmental Protection Agency (EPA) concerning the violation of federal regulations of selling and distributing unregistered pesticides.

Ecolab will pay $277,953 and perform two environmental projects costing at least $107,000. The EPA ordered Ecolab to stop selling and distributing ChloraSorb products in September, 2000 after the federal agency found the company was marketing the product as a disinfectant.

ChloraSorb, which is an absorbent/deodorant used in healthcare facilities to clean bodily fluid spills, was not approved by the EPA as a registered disinfectant. Pesticides sold in the US, including disinfectants, must be registered and the companies must provide the EPA with evidence that their products are effective.

Ecolab will publish two educational papers in the Soap and Detergent Association newsletter and make a presentation on the topic of pesticide registration. The settlement also requires the company to distribute its remaining inventory of ChloraSorb.