Electronic Surveillance Systems for Infection Prevention and Control

Electronic Surveillance Systems for Infection Prevention and Control: Surveillance is the cornerstone to any successful infection control and prevention (ICP) program. At a minimum, it includes data mining for unusual microbes or clusters of pathogens, reporting public health diseases, and identifying targeted healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). The ability for all ICP programs, regardless of size or complexity, to improve patient outcomes is dependent on the successfulness of their surveillance strategies. This article reviews two major approaches to surveillance: traditional manual methods and contemporary electronic methods.

Survey Reveals ESS Use and Experiences Among Infection Preventionists: ICT conducted a survey of infection preventionists regarding electronic surveillance systems (ESS). The survey found that 34 percent currently use an ESS at their facility, while 66 percent do not, and about 50 percent of survey respondents are considering the purchase of an ESS.

Industry Offers Advice on Evaluation and Purchasing of ESS: ICT asked members of industry to share pointers for evaluating and purchasing an ESS.