Elyptol Launches in North America

Elyptol, Inc. announces the launch of their company's products in the U.S. Originally founded in Australia, Elyptol offers a full range of botanical skin hygiene and hard surface sanitization products that provide superior performance and positive results in the areas of infection control and disinfecting. Elyptol's products are effective against bacteria, funghi and viruses.

"Our Elyptol brand is transforming hygiene practices in the professional market," says Tim O'Connor, president and CEO. "The Elyptol pure ethanol and eucalyptus oil based formulas provide the highest antimicrobial efficacy while leaving the skin nourished and healthy, which enables usage that is more frequent. We are very excited to launch in the U.S. with our endorsed, environmentally friendly green bio-tech products that avoid competitive toxicities, meet and exceed world standard germ efficacies and transform dermatological outcomes to improve user compliance and usage behavior."

"Elyptol's launch in the U.S. and globally is great news to WHO Private Organizations for Patient Safety (POPS,)" says Didier Pittet, professor of medicine and hospital epidemiologist for the University of Geneva Hospitals, and director of the WHO Collaborating Center on Patient Safety.  "With its innovative natural formula that is environmentally friendly, focused on germ efficacy and usage frequency, Elyptol is an evolution in hand hygiene and will assist in cleaner hands which can save lives."

Elyptol has patent applications lodged around its composition of botanical ingredients. Its unique formula of pure ethanol, eucalyptus oil and organic moisturising ingredients kills bacteria and viruses rapidly while protecting the skin.  The formula is available in gels, wipes and rubs (sprays).

Source: Elyptol, Inc.