Encompass Introduces Embrace Patient Gowns with Wrap-around Coverage

Encompass® introduces Embrace patient gowns. Designed with wrap-around coverage for patient dignity and comfort, plus ease of access for medical professionals, these gowns are a revolutionary step forward in patient gown design.

For decades, patients have complained about the standardized patient gowns provided by most of the nations healthcare facilities. These backless, dreary gowns are designed primarily for the convenience of professionals. But now, with Embrace, theres a bright, comfortable new alternative.

Embrace patient gowns offer new degrees of functionality, patient dignity, comfort and coverage. With this new design, medical professionals are supported through the ease of immediate access for patient care, while patients are comforted by secure, wrap-around coverage, says Michelle Daniels, director, Marketing Reusable ApparelAcute Care for Encompass® Group, LLC. Daniels was actively involved in the design of the new gowns.

Embrace Patient Apparel includes an IV/Telemetry Gown and Womens Gown with versatile construction to provide comfort and coverage for patients, along with the clinical features professionals require.  Bright, attractive patterns, with complete wrap-around coverage, promote patient dignity, while also supporting immediate access for emergency intervention, if necessary.  With construction and durability that is compatible with industrial processing, each gown provides color-coded ties and binding to ensure quick identification and ease of use for the processor and the professional. 

The IV/Telemetry Gown can be used as a traditional patient gown, as needed, for postoperative recovery and short term limitations, while converting to provide full closure for dignity and coverage when and where appropriate. A repositioned telemetry pocket is secured with the side-wrap and front tie closure.  For those patients with tubing or drainage lines, simplified side access allows for visualization and supports early ambulation, improving patient comfort.

The Womens Gown is appropriate for use in mammography, postoperative and postpartum care. Generously sized pockets inside the gown accommodate drain placement, replacing safety-pins, which have typically been used to secure drains, while supporting patient comfort and privacy.