Federal Government to Test GenoMed's Approach to the Flu: Could Counter Vaccine Shortage

ST. LOUIS  -- GenoMed, Inc. announced that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), a member institute of the National Institutes of Health, has expressed interest in testing GenoMeds approach to the flu using an animal model.

GenoMed has applied for patent protection on the use of a class of blood pressure medications in viral diseases, including the flu. This is a totally novel approach. There is no shortage of these medications worldwide.

The federal government has expressed interest in broad-spectrum viral antidotes. GenoMed met last week with federal government officials to discuss GenoMeds potential broad-spectrum viral antidote and further testing of its approach against viral diseases, including influenza. The meeting resulted in an expansion of the contract which GenoMed originally signed with NIAID in December 2003.

SOURCE: GenoMed, Inc.