Fitzgerald Assumes ASHES Presidency

Charles Morley, CHESP, director of environmental programs service for the Department of Veterans Affairs, resigned as ASHES president effective June 22, 2004. An ASHES member since 1989, Morley has served on the ASHES board since 2000. The ASHES board, staff and members wish him success in all his endeavors. 


ASHES President-elect Thomas "Tony" Fitzgerald, CHESP, chief of environmental management service at the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health System, will assume the responsibilities of president for the remainder of the 2004 term. Fitzgerald will also serve his elected term as 2005 president.


Fitzgerald became a member of ASHES in 1998 after completing military service and beginning employment with the VA.  Since he joined the society, he has served on the Membership Committee and the Certification Task Force. His responsibilities at Palo Alto include environmental sanitation, pest control, laundry, linen, waste management, recycling and more for a 1,000-bed healthcare system.


"I am committed to environmental excellence and member/customer satisfaction," said Fitzgerald. "I will strive to enhance our members' knowledge base, our service delivery to our hospitals and communities, our continued personal and professional growth and recognition, as well as increasing ASHES organizational exposure, growth in membership and certification and other activities."


Source: ASHES