Flu Season Wasn't That Bad

According to The National Flu Surveillance Network

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK-The National Flu Surveillance Network (NFSN) reports the winter flu season was less intense than prior years. A division of ZymeTx, Inc., a US viral disease management company, NFSN is an online disease surveillance service that tracks influenza outbreaks. It consists of about 875 healthcare facilities representing 4,000 physicians. The NFSN received 26,317 confirmed flu reports between September 1, 1999 and March 31, 2000. Physicians used the ZymeTx 20-minute point-of-care flu diagnostic test to detect Influenza A and B. Called ZstatFlu, the test has a 99% specificity using a throat swab specimen. Data shows Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, Oklahoma City, and the state of New York reported the most flu cases. NFSN data can be found on the Internet site, www.fluwatch.com.