Focus Technologies' Infectious Disease Laboratory Receives ISO 9001 Certification

HERNDON, Va. -- Focus Technologies, Inc. announces it received the ISO 9001 certificate awarded to Focus' infectious disease reference laboratory located in Cypress, California. Focus' certification was recommended by ISO late last year. This is a distinguished accomplishment achieved by only a few clinical laboratories in the U.S.

Focus Technologies' diagnostics products manufacturing group has been registered as an ISO 9001 certified facility since 1998. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) emphasizes the quality processes that result in client satisfaction and that lead to quality improvement. The ISO 9001 standards, describe the "quality management system" intended to ensure that an organization will consistently deliver product or services that meet client quality requirements.

Focus Technologies' president and CEO, Charles Harwood, states, "As an infectious disease company, it is our mission to have a positive impact on patient care -- from laboratory diagnosis to anti-infective research. We are honored by receiving the ISO 9001 certificate awarded to Focus' reference laboratory. This achievement reinforces Focus Technologies' dedication to quality in all of its operations." The ISO 9001 certificate is valid through January 21, 2005.

Focus Technologies is an infectious disease company known for innovative, high quality infectious disease products and services for the clinical laboratory and biopharmaceutical markets.

Source: Focus Technologies, Inc.