GE and StartUp Health Select IntelligentM for Entrepreneurship Program


IntelligentM, a hand hygiene compliance improvement solution for healthcare facilities, is among the first 13 companies selected by GE healthymagination and StartUp Health -- a long-term academy and network for digital health entrepreneurs-- to join a three-year entrepreneurship program to accelerate growth for consumer health companies.

More than 400 companies from 22 countries applied. The 13 companies selected represent a broad spectrum of health innovation from the United States, Ireland and Israel focusing on aging, health sensors, patient engagement, mobile health, care coordination, big data, analytics and diagnostics, among other areas of innovation.

Seth Freedman, co-founder and CEO of IntelligentM, is on a mission to transform clinical hand hygiene monitoring in healthcare settings, drive down infection rates and improve outcomes for patients and costs for providers. Use of the IntelligentM system can help eliminate healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) and their substantial associated costs. Learn more at

Rafael Torres, senior managing director, GE healthymagination fund, says, GE is looking for ideas and partners that can advance industries and improve lives. We believe these thirteen companies have the potential to make quality healthcare more accessible and affordable, and we are excited to work closely with them over the next three years to help them grow.

Steven Krein, co-founder and CEO of StartUp Health, says, From the beginning of the partnership, GE and StartUp Health have been focused on entrepreneurs who are reimagining consumer health and have the perseverance to make their visions come to life. Were thrilled to work with these exceptional Healthcare Transformers and begin the exhilarating process of helping them build and scale great companies.

The other 12 companies included in the inaugural consumer health entrepreneurship program with GE are as follows:

Arpeggi - Nir Leibovich, Jason Wang, David Mittelman, PhD
Austin, TX

Nir Leibovich and Jason Wang, Co-founders of Arpeggi, are on a mission to make it easy and affordable for anyone to translate genomic data into actionable information. Combining the teams experience in big data and analytics with the expertise of third Co-founder Dr. David Mittelman, leader of the Genetics and Genomic Medicine Lab at Virginia Tech, Arpeggi offers a cutting-edge and versatile technology for high-speed analysis of next-generation genomic sequencing data.

Aver Informatics - Kurt Brenkus
Green Bay, WI

Kurt Brenkus, CEO and Founder of Aver Informatics, is working to make healthcare data more accessible so organizations can easily translate their enterprise data into actionable insights that lower healthcare costs and improve care. Aver is a modern, social, big data platform with patent-pending technology that helps health organizations leverage their enterprise data without needing teams of analysts, technologists and data scientists.

Care at Hand Andrey Ostrovsky, MD and Jeffrey Levy
Boston, MA

Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky and Jeffrey Levy, Co-founders of Care at Hand, have designed a mobile early warning system for elderly home care that decreases readmissions and empowers home care workers with less formal training to document health observations more easily. Care at Hands technology platform transforms those observations into predictive alerts to supervising nurses for early disease detection and improved outcomes. 

Caremerge Asif Khan, Michael Davolt and Fahad Aziz
Chicago, IL

Asif Khan, Michael Davolt and Fahad Aziz, Co-founders of Caremerge, are on a mission to transform healthcare coordination for seniors and their families. Caremerge is a communication, care coordination and transitions platform with an immediate focus on senior healthcare. The Caremerge mobile/web apps allow care providers, families, caregivers and patients to access and exchange key information to facilitate efficiency and timely care decisions.

Cerora - Adam Simon
Philadelphia, PA

Adam Simon, Founder of Cerora, is a scientist and entrepreneur on a mission to deliver actionable diagnostic information regarding brain health and function to patients, physicians and companies. Currently, there is no portable, objective, accurate or affordable diagnostic tool to assess brain function and to assist in patient decision making for neurologic and neuropsychiatric conditions. Cerora is changing this paradigm by offering objective biomarker data to physicians, Certified Athletic Trainers, nurses and emergency medical technicians to aid in the diagnosis and management of concussion and Alzheimer's disease. - Andrei Zimiles
New York, NY

Andrei Zimiles, Co-founder and President of, is on a mission to improve the way doctors and patients connect online. At the core of Doctor.coms platform is a proprietary database of more than 2.5 million healthcare providers that is updated hundreds of times every day. Driving these updates are the thousands of hospitals and medical practices that actively use the platform to showcase their unique services and connect with new patients. Available via a network of partner websites, or at, patients use the platform to find and compare providers, book appointments, receive treatment-related alerts, and share feedback about their experiences.

GetHealth - Chris Rooney and Liam Ryan
Dublin, Ireland and New York, NY

Chris Rooney and Liam Ryan founded GetHealth at the age of 22. Having finished college, they found that many programs for improving your health were boring and difficult. They wanted to find a way to cut through the noise, and make the process of getting healthy simple, fun and engaging. GetHealth is a mobile and online platform which increases employee engagement in workplace wellness programs. Users describe the platform as the "Foursquare for Health," allowing people to check-in to their daily health tasks under the Move, Munch and Mind categories. They can then earn points for achieving personalised health goals, while motivating and competing against friends and colleagues. 

GoGoHealth Natasha Alexeeva and Kwaku Ampromfi
Atlanta, GA

Natasha Alexeeva and Kwaku Ampromfi, Co-founders of GoGoHealth, are on a mission to allow patients experiencing illness or discomfort to easily describe their symptoms to their provider and get medical advice, a diagnosis, and prescription, via computer or mobile device. GoGoHealths clinical protocols software uses intelligent diagnosis algorithms to gather symptoms and health history data that provides a complete view of a patients history. These are presented to patients as simple question and answer choices, which are saved as part of their electronic health records. Using GoGoHealths EHR-integrated platform, providers can also choose to create their own easy-to-design clinical algorithms using a wide range of design and algorithm flows.

itMD Halland Chen, MD
Miami, FL

Halland Chen, MD, one of the co-founders of itMD, and his partners are on a mission to help patients deal with the difficulties and inefficiencies of accessing their medical imaging records. itMD is a cloud-based medical image sharing company that enables the on-demand exchange of medical imaging information from anywhere to anyone. Users on the itMD Network can easily send, share and access medical imaging information online with just a web-browser or mobile device; thus, no special software is necessary. We are empowering patients to connect with their doctors, and allowing organizations to share data with health care providers/recipients with our collaborative, cloud-based application. We help drive the ability to improve the quality of healthcare and decrease costs.

Oxitone Medical - Leon Eisen, PhD
Ashkelon, Israel

Dr. Leon Eisen, Founder and CEO of Oxitone Medical, is on a mission to dramatically improve patient safety by enabling early clinical response to acute pulmonary or cardiac dysfunction symptoms through continuous monitoring of pulse oximetry. Oxitone has developed the worlds first wrist pulse oximeter without a fingertip probe, enabling comfortable, remote and continuous monitoring of blood oxygen level, pulse rate, beat-to-beat variation and activity out of the hospital environment anywhere, anytime throughout day and night. 

TalkSession Melissa Thompson
New York, NY

Melissa Thompson, Founder and CEO of TalkSession, is on a mission to help patients talk about their health issues by easily finding and connecting with trusted mental health professionals. TalkSessions online platform allows patients to find relevant mental health professionals and equips those professionals with tools to enhance the quality of care delivered and improve treatment outcomes. 

WalkJoy Blain Tomlinson
Long Beach, CA

Blain Tomlinson, Founder and CEO of WalkJoy, is on a mission to restore balance, gait and reduce falls for people with peripheral neuropathy and the elderly. WalkJoy and Walking Health represent landmark development in restoring of gait and balance for PN patients as well as providing important walking diagnostics in all patients. WalkJoy and Walking Health delivers precise measurement, convenience and ease of useresulting in a paradigm shift in gate lab analysis and ongoing patient care and monitoring for most of the adult patient population. 


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