Georgia-Pacific Professional and CloudClean Collaborate to Improve Hand Hygiene

Georgia-Pacific Professional and CloudClean™ LLC have entered into a strategic alliance to offer a unique hygiene compliance solution designed to help improve handwashing participation rates of food workers in the food service, food preparation and food processing industries.
Cleanliness is critically important to maintaining food safety, yet studies indicate that only 1 in 4 food workers practice proper handwashing when they should, and infected food workers cause about 70 percent of reported norovirus outbreaks by contaminating food. This contributes significantly to the millions of people – approximately one in six Americans – who get sick from foodborne diseases annually.
"Operators want to have the confidence that their teams are complying with hand hygiene policies, but they know they fall woefully short," says Steve Russak, COO of CloudClean™ LLC. "Operators understand that it is their duty to protect the public from foodborne illness, as well as protect themselves from the associated financial, reputational and brand degradation risk to their business."
Now, through this alliance, there is a solution to address the problem: CloudClean™ Hand Hygiene Compliance Technology. This service solution helps train, remind and report adherence to the operator's hand hygiene protocols in real-time, enabling employees to self-correct and managers to be more efficient and effective at solving the problem of low hand-washing compliance. Click on this infographic to see how it works.
This technology combines the powerful real-time, patented monitoring technology from CenTrak, the automated enMotion® dispensers of Georgia-Pacific Professional, and the user-friendly reporting interface of CloudClean™ to help monitor hand-hygiene compliance in any zone or workflow where hand wash protocols are required, including restrooms, break rooms, exits, and raw food or ready-to-eat (RTE) prep areas.
"There are many reasons why low handwashing levels currently exist, including high attrition rates, lack of repetitive training, peak service periods, and employee inattention when managers are not present, to name a few," says Ginger Lange, innovation director at Georgia-Pacific Professional. "This powerful technology is a supportive tool for both employees and managers. It raises awareness about the importance of hand hygiene and provides more certainty that handwashing occurs. That's good for employees, good for the public and good for business."

Source: Georgia-Pacific Professional