GOJO Introduces PURELL ES Everywhere System at ISSA/INTERCLEAN

GOJO Industries, the inventor of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer, introduced its latest innovation, the PURELL ES™ Everywhere System to an audience of 16,000 attendees at the 2014 ISSA/Interclean North America trade show in Orlando last week. In addition, the company also provided further insight into its sustainability initiatives.

The PURELL ES Everywhere System is designed to fit your world, your health and well-being needs and your way of life. It is the smallest, most versatile and appealing PURELL® System in the market. The system is designed to fit in places that are unable to accommodate traditional dispensers. It features a ready-to-install preassembled base, contains almost twice as much product as a standard eight-fluid ounce bottle and allows for easy, at-a-glance monitoring of product level for easy servicing.

“Hand hygiene needs to be accessible,” says Casey Krysiak, product manager for dispensing systems. “The PURELL ES Everywhere System’s sturdy, one-hand dispensing makes hand sanitizing easy. Plus, its size allows you to place it in small, high-traffic spaces such as break rooms and reception areas where other solutions cannot fit to increase the use of hand sanitizer and help reduce the spread of illness-causing germs.”

The PURELL ES Everywhere System is ideal for grocery stores, offices, medical offices, convenience stores and healthcare office settings. At this time, the system is available through distribution channels and online retailers.

The GOJO Purpose-Saving Lives and Making Life Better through Well-Being Solutions-drives the company’s commitment toward greater social, environmental and economic sustainability.It has created products, processes and programs that have achieved results and Sustainable Value for all three domains.
GOJO highlighted its sustainability achievements, which included:
- Generating a 35 percent improvement in hand hygiene delivered in 2013*
- Exceeding its 2015 operational sustainability goals two years early
- Promoting public health through collaborations to deliver products to regions with extreme needs
- Establishing its first-generation sustainable chemistry and packaging policies to guide sustainable design thinking and decisions to drive continuous improvements to the product portfolio

Nicole Koharik, global sustainability marketing director, explains how GOJO translates sustainability principles into production innovation: “GOJO is dedicated to creating sustainable value through product formulation, packaging and systems design. This approach will not only help us to advance our corporate sustainability goals, as well as those of our customers, but it also enables us to further our industry leadership with high-performing, safe and sustainable solutions.” GOJO offers the world’s largest portfolio of green certified soaps and sanitizers.

Source: GOJO Industries  
*Results relative to the 2010 per-use rate