Handwashing for Life Enters Healthcare

The Handwashing For Life® Institute announces it has introduced its HandsOn system to North American infection preventionists. HandsOn is a science-based, five-step process that takes an applied approach to reduce cross contamination from poor hand hygiene behavior and lower the risk for healthcare-associated infections (HAI).

Jim Mann, founder and executive director of the Institute, describes the service as an independent, objective and pragmatic source for best practice advice, tools and techniques. "We exist for the benefit of the infection preventionist; our sole goal is to make it easier to achieve a sustainable improvement in hand hygiene compliance."

Larry Jackson, Handwashingforlifes director of healthcare, is offering infection preventionists open access to the HandsOn system and associated materials for a three-month trial. "This is an opportunity to try our tools and techniques to assess risk, set standards, establish conditions for success, train and motivate staff and monitor performance. Infection preventionists are welcome to test drive our website at www.handwashingforlifehealthcare.com and use what they need for their battle to change behavior and lower risk."

For more information visit the website or send an email to ljackson@handwashingforlife.com