Handwashing Signs Compel People to Follow Through with Hygiene Initiatives

JustBathroomSigns.com has released a new line of Wash Your Hands Signs especially for healthcare workers. These signs are designed to urge healthcare professionals to maintain the best hygiene practices possible. Unlike conventional signs that focus on the health of an individual, JustBathroomSigns.com created the signs specifically to protect patients.
Wash Your Hands Signs save lives, prevent illnesses, and stave off outrageous medical bills. According to the Wall Street Journal, research studies show that over 9,000 patients die every year due to hospital-acquired infections which cost about $4.5 billion in medical expenses. National healthcare organizations like the Joint Commission claim that patient-focused signs have a much greater chance for compliance than worker-focused signs. Maintaining hand hygiene by healthcare workers is necessary not only to protect personal health but also to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) that are transmitted from patient to patient, patients to healthcare workers, and vice versa.

With messages like "If You Care about Your Patients, Wash Your Hands," the signs promote a patient-centered approach to handwashing. These signs come in up to 16 different colors to match any interior décor design. The products are comprised from top quality sign materials, from durable aluminum to thick plastic, and the print is engraved onto weather resistant acrylic. "Conscientious messages are powerful motivators for people to change their health habits," says Blair Brewster, president of JustBathroomSigns.com. "These signs are ideal support tools built for visibility and longevity."

The new handwashing signs have also been designed for the food industry where hygiene is vital and cannot be overlooked. Clear and bold text on signs that read, 'Sick Customers Won't Come Back' underline the importance of hand-washing for health and business retention. The signs also remind employees to sustain standards that will keep the reputation of the organization intact.