Healthcare Leaders Gather at Cogent Forum

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif-Healthcare and managed care leaders recently gathered in California for the first Cogent Healthcare Forum, "The Future of Inpatient Care."

Topics discussed included integration of hospital services with disease management, home care, end-of-life planning, and care delivery in outpatient and sub-acute settings.

Michael Brouthers, President and CEO of Cogent Healthcare, Inc., said the forum was an incredible success. The 50 healthcare workers worked within a model to discuss many tenets of improving their field.

Some of those tenets included: ensuring each patient is managed efficiently and effectively as possible on each day of hospitalization and beyond; decreasing the variability and errors occurring in inpatient care and increasing standardization of care through best practice methods; building a network of high quality physician integrators focused on delivering inpatient care and supported by specially trained clinical care coordinators, and more.

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