HIV Drug Resistance Testing Recommended

LONDON-Researchers want drug resistance tested for patients recently infected with the HIV virus. They say the information could help with the clinical management of patients.

Deenan Pillay, MD, from the University of Birmingham medical School, worked with a team of researchers to test blood samples of 69 HIV-infected patients. All of the patients had a negative HIV antibody test after 18 months. They found nucleotide sequencing of the reverse transcriptase and protease genes of the isolated virus.

A mutation caused by drug resistance was found in 14% of the patients. They estimated that the transmission of drug-resistant HIV was 27%.

The increase in drug-resistant HIV has been tied to unsafe sex practices by Pillay. However, he said that the findings should not create a doomsday scenario because for the majority of people infected, there are still drugs that will work effectively.

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