HyGreen CEO Testifies on HAIs Before Congressional Committee


HyGreen CEO Craig T. Davenport testifies before a Congressional Committee.

On Tuesday morning, Craig T. Davenport, CEO of HyGreen Inc., addressed a roundtable meeting of the House Veterans Affairs Committees Health Subcommittee, Innovative Private Sector Technologies to Improve Patient Safety. Representing one of six companies addressing the committee at the invitation of chairwoman Ann Marie Buerkle, Davenport shared the successes achieved by hospitals adopting the HyGreen system, including an 89 percent drop in healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) at Miami Childrens Hospital.

Helping hospital patients receive the optimal care possible is the best part of my job, says Davenport. Seeing HyGreen used to improve the care for this group of patients--our countrys veterans, is an honor.

In addition to HyGreen, the Committee invited representatives from the Department of Veterans Affairs and several Veterans Service Organizations, including AmVets, Disabled American Veterans, American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars. This group of stakeholders was brought together for their ability to help address HAIs--an issue that affects 1 out of every 20 patients, leading to prolonged recovery, unnecessary health care costs, and in some cases, death. Studies have shown the most effective way to prevent these dangerous infections is through good handwashing practices, yet compliance with these practices among health care workers is somewhere below 40 percent.

 When asked why such a simple practice isnt followed, Davenport replied: Given the complexity, stress, chaotic and difficult circumstances of todays environment for healthcare workers they need our help doing what they know they should be doing. Thats where HyGreen stands out. It reminds busy healthcare workers to wash before coming into contact with a patient and documents when a healthcare worker does or does not wash. We are currently in discussions with over 35 VA Medical Centers about bringing HyGreen to their facilities to improve hand hygiene and help reduce HAIs.

When asked about the leadership of the Committee, Davenport was encouraged by what he saw: I was most impressed that chairwoman Ann Marie Buerkle, Congressman Cliff Stearns and the committee have made a serious commitment to reducing HAIs for our veterans. Our veterans should never be exposed to infection because of the care they receive, especially when its so preventable.

At the conclusion of the Committee meeting, Congressman Cliff Stearns said, I am pleased to see a company in my district, HyGreen Inc., here at the Veterans Roundtable to showcase a handwashing, sensing and reminding system to ensure medical professionals appropriately wash their hands in between patient interactions. This is one example of how hospitals can save money with prevention and promote better patient safety through innovation.


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