HyGreen to Demonstrate its Hand Hygiene Recording and Reminding System at APIC Annual Meeting


HyGreen, Inc. announces that it will showcase its hand hygiene recording and reminding system at the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) 2012 annual educational conference and international meeting to be held June 4-6 in San Antonio, Texas.

Studies show that healthcare associated infections take the lives of nearly 270 people in the U.S. every day and add between $30 billion to $50 billion to U.S. healthcare costs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that many of these infections are caused by the lack of hand washing before and after patient contact. The HyGreen® Hand Hygiene Recording and Reminding System addresses this problem by reminding healthcare workers to wash their hands and by recording all handwashing events in the hospital.

HyGreen, Inc. will be demonstrating its hand hygiene system at booth #730. Healthcare professionals will be able to see firsthand how easy HyGreen® is to use and how effective it is, even in multi-patient rooms.

Other hand hygiene systems have a major void in their technology because they only monitor hand hygiene events as healthcare workers enter and exit the patient room and they do not monitor hand hygiene status as healthcare workers enter the perimeter around the patient bed. They also do not give healthcare workers a reminder to perform hand hygiene if they had forgotten to do so," says HyGreen chief technology officer, Dr. Richard Melker. HyGreen® provides an integrated mantle of safety for each patient. We are looking forward to demonstrating HyGreen® and these exciting features at APIC 2012.

Recent changes in Medicare regulations will reduce payments to hospitals for costs associated with never events and in particular healthcare associated infections," says HyGreen, Inc. CEO Craig T. Davenport. Using HyGreen, hospitals have a tool to help combat infections, enhance patient safety save money and ultimately save lives.

Infection preventionists from Miami Childrens Hospital will present the following posters on recent studies conducted on hand hygiene and infection prevention while using the HyGreen Recording and Reminding System:

Poster # 8-127: Reporting Capabilities and Data Extrapolation Using an Electronic Hand Hygiene System Versus the Traditional Observation Method

Jill N. Goetzinger, RN - Infection Preventionist, Deise Granado-Villar, M.D., MPH, FAAP, - Chief Medical Officer, Miami Childrens Hospital

Poster # 10-146: Cost Effectiveness of an Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring System (EHHMS) in the Prevention of HAIs

Barbara Simmonds, RN, BS, CIC, Director, Infection Protection and Control, Deise Granado-Villar, M.D., MPH, FAAP, Chief Medical Officer, Miami Childrens Hospital

HyGreen, Inc. is holding a webinar on the HyGreen® Hand Hygiene System on June 14. Visit http://www.hygreeninc.com

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