Infection Control in Dialysis: Insights for Safeguarding Patients' Lives



Gail Dewald, BS, RN, CNN and Tanya Scott MSN, RN, CNN, VA-BC™ discuss the prevalence, causes, and crucial infection control measures in dialysis clinics to safeguard patients' lives.

Infection Control Today® Expert PerspectivesTM series titled “Expert Perspectives on the Prevention of Dialysis Related Infections.”


Gail Dewald, BS, RN, CNN
Nephrology Nurse Consultant
San Antonio, Texas

Tanya Scott MSN, RN, CNN, VA-BC™
St Luke’s Health
Houston, Texas

Program Description:

Experts in dialysis and nephrology discuss the current prevalence of dialysis related infections and provide strategies for their prevention; highlighting sanitation practices and protocols that can be employed to effectively reduce their occurrence.

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