Infection Control: Making Informed Choices for Patient Protection



Gail Dewald, BS, RN, CNN and Tanya Scott MSN, RN, CNN, VA-BC™ delve into the crucial role of nurse managers, doctors, and administrators in making informed choices about infection control products in healthcare settings. They emphasize the need for collaboration and highlight the importance of data and statistics in supporting these decisions.

Infection Control Today® Expert PerspectivesTM series titled “Expert Perspectives on the Prevention of Dialysis Related Infections.”


Gail Dewald, BS, RN, CNN
Nephrology Nurse Consultant
San Antonio, Texas

Tanya Scott MSN, RN, CNN, VA-BC™
St Luke’s Health
Houston, Texas

Program Description:

Experts in dialysis and nephrology discuss the current prevalence of dialysis related infections and provide strategies for their prevention; highlighting sanitation practices and protocols that can be employed to effectively reduce their occurrence.

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