Infection Control Today - 02/2003: TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY

Medical Concepts Development

MedicalConcepts Development, Inc. has received approval from the FDA to market theColoSHIELD Colonoscopy Drape, designed to protect clinical staff from patientsecretions and to help maintain a cleaner procedural site during colonoscopyprocedures. The optional reservoir can provide an additional means oflubrication throughout colonoscopy procedures. In addition to protecting thestaff, ColoSHIELD provides a cleaner working environment. The device is used byinserting the scope through an optional lubrication disc, which locks intoplace. If the lubrication option is chosen when the scope is inserted andwithdrawn, it is lubricated by the jelly that fills the reservoir. Body fluidsare collected in the fluid pouch, which keeps the procedure site cleaner andoffers protection for staff members. (800) 533-3974


Sempermed,a leading manufacturer of latex gloves, has designed the Supreme Powder-FreeSurgical Glove with the specialized needs of the surgeon in mind. Thepowder-free protection eliminates the potential for aerosolization of glovepowder and associated transfer of latex proteins. Supreme offers a uniquemulti-layer copolymer coating that provides added comfort and ease of donningfor both wet and dry hands. The broader anatomical design of Supreme allows foran excellent fit while reducing hand fatigue. The neutral pH balance of theglove helps to reduce skin irritation. The micro-rough surface on the fingersand palm offers sensitivity and a safe grip, wet or dry. The beaded cuffincreases strength and protection. With a low AQL value of 1.0, Supreme affordssuperior safety.

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Triad Disposables

TriadAntiseptic Hand Gel is a convenient way to help prevent bacterialcross-contamination. This fast-acting, waterless gel leaves no sticky or tackyresidue on the skin and is more manageable to apply than alcohol liquids. TriadAntiseptic Hand Gel is mildly scented and contains conditioners to minimize skinirritation and dryness. The gel is vailable in various sizes, including aportable 5-gram pouch and 4-ounce bottle. (800) 288-1288 or 


SaniZidePlus is a one-step, ready-to-use hospital grade disinfectant, decontaminant,cleaner and deodorizer. It is designed to kill hepatitis B and tuberculosis onhard, non-porous surfaces rapidly and effectively. It also is designed todeactivate HIV, HBV, MRSA, VISA and VRE. The alcohol-free, non-corrosive formulawill not damage surfaces such as lenses, cements, plastics, rubber or metals.SaniZide Plus is available in a variety of packaging options.

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SuturTek Incorporated

SuturTek'sFastClose device is a breakthrough technology allowing surgeons to achieve GoldStandard wound closure suturing with standard needles and suture materials,cutting closure time in half in the 5 million fascia closures in the U.S.annually. AORN data indicates that large, unprotected suture needles used infascia closure account for more than 50 percent of all OR suture needlesticks.The FastClose device is reusable, while the FastClose suture cartridges aredisposable.

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Care-Tech Laboratories

Care-Cremeis an antimicrobial, transdermal cream designed to relieve redness, irritationand the chemical burn induced by alcohol hygiene procedures. Broad-spectrumantimicrobial action eliminates gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, yeastand fungi for improved site infection prevention as well as the prevention ofcross contamination.

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Medisystems Corporation

In anewly published study,1 MasterGuard Anti-Stick Needle Protector isproved effective against needlesticks, as the patented FingerShield anchorprotects pressure-holding fingers. MasterGuard protects immediately upon removaland through time of disposal, remains out of the way during cannulation andtreatment, and assures engagement with an audible and tactile "click."(800) 369-MEDI or

1. McCleary J, Caldero K, Adams T. Guarded fistula needle reducesneedlestick injuries in hemodialysis. Nephrology News & Issues, May 2002.