Infection Control Today - 07/2002: TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY


Activate 10:1 Institutional Bleach Dilution System

Take5's Activate 10:1 Institutional Bleach Concentrate Dilution System is atwo-bottle trigger sprayer that automatically dilutes special-formula bleachwith water as you spray, so the solution is always active and accurate when youpull the trigger. The user fills and refills the water cartridge with tap waterand locks in the replaceable 11-ounce Activate bleach cartridges as needed. Thesystem is designed to eliminate the need to mix a fresh bleach solution everyday. Activate's sealed bleach cartridges eliminate the hazard of spilling bleachon skin, clothing and carpets, and the danger of breathing fumes while mixing.The lemon-scented, high-foaming formula is designed to clean and adhere tosurfaces better than ordinary bleach. Activate offers easy-to-installcartridges, a durable spray-head with an ergonomic three-finger trigger andbilingual label directions.

(888) 582-2700 or

Neutralizing Spill Control Kits

KemMedical Products introduces its neutralizing spill control kits forglutaraldehyde and OPA. Each kit is designed to neutralize and absorbapproximately 2 gallons of liquid, and includes four large Chemsorb spillpillows, gloves, labels and disposable bag. Also available are solutionneutralizers and neutralizing mats and wipes for glutaraldehyde and OPA. Thepillows are designed to neutralize spills in less than 5 minutes. Independentlaboratory data on efficacy and water safety is available.

(800) 553-0330 or

ALL-N-1 Soap System

TheALL-N-1 by Kimberly-Clark Professional is a disposable, self-contained soapsystem that includes the dispenser and soap in one unit. As soap is depleted,healthcare workers discard the recyclable unit and install a new one oneasy-to-mount brackets. The system is constructed of high-density polyethyleneplastic and is available in white or black. The new system comes in 2.5 Ldispensers that have a see-through back window that lets housekeeping ormaintenance staff know when it is time to change the unit, thus helping toimprove cost-in-use and reducing labor time.

(888) 346-4652 or

StaphScrubz Patches

Thesecolorful, 2-inch by 2.5-inch sew-on patches, based on actual images of Staphaureus, are a subtle, non-resistant approach to delivering your preventionmessage, not to mention dressing up those dreary duds. "Patch up" thetroops or sew them on wherever inspiration takes you. The patches are sold insix-packs, but are discounted substantially for volume purchases.

(818) 990-6264 or

SST Pump

Avoidsplashing and lifting heavy liquid-filled trays by draining any soak andtransport container with the SST Pump from Healthmark Industries Co. The pumpattaches to Healthmark's Drain Plug, or it can be used with an open-ended hosewhich is immersed in the solution to drain a tray.

(800) 521-6224 or

Bleach-Rite Disinfecting Spray

Registeredwith the EPA, Bleach-Rite disinfecting spray from Current Technologies, Inc. isa one-step cleaner/disinfectant of hard surfaces. The spray has a reported1-minute kill time for pseudomonas, salmonella and staphylococci and isformulated at the 1:10 dilution of sodium hypochlorite recommended by the CDCand OSHA. Bleach-Rite is available in 16-ounce and 32-ounce bottles and isshipped with a spill-proof cap and trigger sprayer. Each bottle has a one-yearshelf life and the expiration date is printed on each container.

(800) 456-4022

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