Infection Control Today - 08/2002: TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY


Consolidated Stills and Sterilizers

The patented Consolidated Bug Buster uses a high-efficiency filter to removebacteria from the purged air of steam sterilizers. It can be factory installedon new Consolidated sterilizers or retrofitted to many existing units regardlessof the manufacturer. (617) 782-6072 or


GelSanis an antimicrobial hand gel formulated with the help of the University of Utahepidemiology department and conforms fully to APIC and CDC guidelines. It isdesigned to moisturize hands like lotion and leaves no residue or build-up.GelSan is CHG/latex glove compatible, is clear and dries quickly. GelSan has nolasting smell once it dries. The product features a wall-mounted dispenser thatuses a collapsible bladder rather than a bag-in-box, so all of the gel is used.(800) 348-0034 or

Health Care Logistics

TheNo Handles faucet from Health Care Logistics replaces an existing faucet toautomatically turn water on and off without touching the handles, thus reducingcross-contamination. Water flow is controlled by pressing the stainless steelrod; the instant the pressure is released, the water shuts off. The faucetprovides appropriate handwashing temperature without adjusting faucet handles.The No Handles faucet is less than one-third the cost of infrared faucets orfoot pedals and fits most faucets. (800) 848-1633 or

Healthmark Industries Co.

TheProFormance automated instrument washer test provides sterileprocessing professionals with a consistent, repeatable and reliable method forevaluating the cleaning effectiveness of their automated instrument washer. Thetest soil is manufactured to exacting specifications, and when coated on thestainless steel plate, the ProFormance mimics the dried blood residue found ondirty instruments. (800) 521-6224 or


TheFoam Care® line of protective cleanser systems from Kimberly-Clarkincludes antimicrobial surgical hand scrubs, antimicrobial skins cleansers andgeneral purpose cleansers. Skin cleansers come in 1-liter and 500 mL formats andsome formulas are color-coded to match foot pump dispensers. (888) 346-4652 or

Safetec of America Inc.

Personalantimicrobial wipes by Safetec (p.a.w.s.) citrus scent joins theoriginal fresh scent p.a.w.s., which are easy to use in the absence of soap andwater. They remove transient organic matter and resident microorganisms, killing99.9 percent of germs within 15 seconds. The formulation contains SD alcohol,PCMX and aloe vera, leaving hands sanitized and feeling softer. (800) 456-7077or visit


Stericycle,specialists in managing medical waste, offers a cost-effective method ofcontainment and disposal of low levels of medical waste. The Mail-Back Programis suited for facilities where only used sharps, gauze and bandages need to beresponsibly handled and removed. The program has been tested and approved by theU.S. Postal Service and is in compliance with OSHA guidelines. Program packscontain FDA-approved sharps containers, absorbent material, a red plastic liner,tracking forms and a postage-paid shipping container. (800) 355-8773 or

TSI Incorporated

TSIIncorporated's Critical Environment Solutions engineering binder and CD-ROMinclude product descriptions, specifications, operation sequences and guidespecifications for EverWatch®, SureFlow and PresSuramonitors and controllers. Select flow tracking, direct pressure or adaptiveoffset control using electric or pneumatic actuators, dampers, venturi valvesand airflow stations to meet project requirements.(651) 490-2711 or

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