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The Apex Bandage is a one-ply polyester and rayon blend thatis designed to conform easily to body contours; it stretches and clings toitself. Designed to be highly absorbent, it remains in place when saturated withdrainage. Soft and low-linting, it can be used as a primary or secondarydressing. As a secondary dressing, it should reduce primary dressingdisplacement when the patient moves. Apex is available in both sterile andnonsterile rolls and comes in a variety of sizes.

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MYCO Medical

The Qlicksmart flask and mounting bracket trolley offershealthcare workers a safe alternative to conventional scalpel blade removal. Itcan be fixed either to a bench, wall or cart. The scalpel handle and blade areinserted into the slot in the flask and advanced until a click is heard. Thehandle is withdrawn and the blade remains sealed inside the leak-proof flask forlater disposal. The flask can hold up to 100 sharps.

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Kimberly-Clark Professional

With the new SCOTT® Roll Control Center-Pull towel system,towels are dispensed one at a time via a patented Zshaped aperture. The useronly touches the towel that he or she is using to reduce the risk of spreadinggerms. The one-at-a-time dispensing feature is also designed with a one-handedloading mechanism and has 19 percent more hand-dries per case than leadingcompeting systems. It uses patented Absorbency Pockets and is available inthe Windows® or In-Sight® dispenser lines.

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Polymed TLC latex examination gloves offer all the advantagesof regular Polymed, with the addition of vitamin E, a known antioxidant. Polymed TLC gloves are also low-protein and powder-free toreduce the potential for latex sensitization. The lightly textured surfaceprovides the necessary combination of a secure grip without the loss of tactilesensitivity.

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Metrex announces the newest addition, MetriDry, to itsintegrated system of products designed for automated washers. The MetriDryDrying Agent is designed to speed the drying time of and reduce water spottingon carts. In addition, Metrex has a full range of precleaners, detergents andlubricants, including EmPower Dual Enzymatic Detergent; EmPower Foam DualEnzymatic Spray; MetriZyme Dual Enzymatic Detergent; MetriWash Neutral PhDetergent; MetriClean2 Instrument Cleaner, Polisher & Cart- Washer Agent andMetriLube Instrument Lubricant.

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Invacare Corporation

Invacare has put Microbans Antimicrobial Technology intoits standard product line, starting with bath safety products. This technologyis designed to protect products from stain- and odorcausing bacteria, yeast,molds and fungi, thus preventing product degradation.

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New DuPont medical fabrics for isolation apparel offer greatercomfort and protection outside the surgical suite. To help those on the frontlines of the war on infection, DuPont offers a broad range of solutions to helpprevent and control infection, from advanced medical fabrics for use in surgicalgowns and drapes to personal protection products and smarter materials for usein the hospital and during procedures. Designed for use during procedures withlow risk of exposure, such as dialysis, outpatient surgery and blood draws,DuPont Softesse® IsolationWear medical fabric meets or exceeds therequirements of the new AAMI PB70 level 2 standard. Designed for use duringprocedures with moderate risk of exposure, such as obstetrics, cardiaccatheterization and decontamination, DuPont(tm) Suprel IsolationWearmedical fabric is designed to be one of the most protective products availablein the procedure gown category.

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Airsonett Airshower

The Swedish-designed and clinically proven AirsonettAirshower® is designed to supplement an existing central or ceiling- mountedair purification system or for use as a stand-alone unit. It is an economicsolution to costly HVAC upgrades and combats airborne contaminants and virtualair stagnation caused by todays airtight facilities. In less than one hour,virtually all the air in a standard sized room is purified and at least 99.95percent of all airborne particles greater than 0.3 micron are removed.

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The 3M Tegaderm Absorbent Clear Acrylic Dressing istransparent plus absorbent, a clear solution for optimal clinical performanceand wear time. 3Ms new technology means managing wounds with confidence,providing easy monitoring of the wound, exudate and periwound skin. Tegaderm isdesigned to eliminate unnecessary dressing changes, eliminatehydrocolloid-related odor, and prevent dressing breakdown in the wound.

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Baxa Corporation

Baxa Corporation announces the release of the new PhaSealSystem Connector which attaches a PhaSeal Injector to an IV line for safeadministration of hazardous drugs. The new Luer Lock Connector was redesigned inresponse to customer requests for a closed system that can be used withneedleless IV access devices. The new connector is longer, to accommodatevalve-actuated access devices, while ensuring that the injector needle is neverexposed. The PhaSeal System is a set of disposable containment devices thatconnect the original drug vial, syringe and IV injection or infusion settogether for a completely sealed drug pathway. The systems double membrane isdesigned to provide dry connections between system components, preventing drugleakage. Closed systems have been recommended by the National Institute forOccupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Oncology Nurses Society toprovide an engineering control against environmental and personal contamination.

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PDI introduces the Hygea Hands N Face Personal Washcloths,six-inch by nine-inch washcloths designed to be used for any gentle-cleansingneeds during patient care. The washcloths, containing skin-soothing ingredientssuch as aloe and vitamin E, are available in 150-count wipe canisters.

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DuPont introduces its new RelyOn antiseptic anddisinfectant products for infection prevention and control in healthcareenvironments. The DuPont RelyOn Antiseptic Hand Wash Products are availableeither as a personal-size hand spray or as hand wipes, and are designed to beeffective against a range of pathogens including hepatitis A, B and C, based on invitro testing. The one-hand application of thetwo-ounce hand spray minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and provides easeof use. Protective gloves can be put on immediately after application becauseDuPont RelyOn hand antiseptic spray and wipes leave no sticky residue. Finally,DuPont RelyOn Antiseptic Hand Wash Products are specially formulated with askin-softening emollient so frequent use should not be a problem. The antisepticproducts are formulated under FDA guidelines. The DuPont RelyOn Broad SpectrumDisinfectants are effective for disinfecting, cleaning and deodorizing hardsurfaces. These EPA-registered disinfectant solutions and wipes are effectiveagainst a wide range of pathogens including HIV, E. coli, tuberculosis, andantibiotic-resistant organisms. Offered in a ready-to-use 16-ounce spray bottle and one gallonrefill, the DuPont RelyOn Broad Spectrum Disinfectants require no mixing ordilution and leave no sticky residue.

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The Flexible Scope Valve and Channel Cleaning Brush measures240 cm in overall length and has been designed with two distinct brush ends. TheValve Cleaning brush end has a 6 mm diameter brush-tip for cleaning the air,water and suction valves found on flexible endoscopes, and has a speciallydesigned stopper that prevents the user from inserting the brush too deeply,preventing potential damage. The Channel Cleaning brush end measures 3 mm indiameter and is designed for cleaning the biopsy channel of a flexibleendoscope. The tip on the brush comes equipped with a silicone leader that helpsto guide the brush through the channel.

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