Infusion Nurses Society's Fall Meeting to Highlight Technology and Best Practice


Infusion nurses will meet in Los Angeles Nov. 18-20 to add to their clinical knowledge at the Infusion Nurses Society's (INS) Fall National Academy of Infusion Therapy and One-Day Program. The One-Day Program, held on Friday and sponsored by B Braun/Aesculap Academy, is built around the theme "Transforming Infusion Care Through Technology and Best Practice." With these education sessions, INS strives to provide infusion nurse specialists with the tools necessary to expand their clinical competency and provide optimum infusion care for their patients.

Saturday and Sunday's educational programming will cover topics such as "Infusion Implications for Patients Having Bariatric Surgery," "Managing Catheter-Related Thrombosis," and "Improving Quality by Implementing Stroke Guidelines." The weekend gathering will also include an industrial exhibition, with representatives of the top infusion-related companies in the country.

A special feature of the meeting will be a Saturday night screening of the recently released film "Puncture." Based on the true story of a nurse who contracted AIDS from a needlestick injury, the film follows two lawyers, Paul Danziger and Mike Weiss, who fought for greater safety protections for healthcare workers as a result of the lawsuit filed on the nurse's behalf. The story is of particular interest to infusion nurses since their work makes them vulnerable to needlestick injuries without the appropriate technology and precautions.

"We're excited to be offering the most up-to-date information on infusion therapy practice and technological advances available," says INS CEO Mary Alexander, MA, RN, CRNI, CAE, FAAN. "This annual fall meeting serves to enrich nurses' (and other healthcare professionals') contributions to quality health care and infusion delivery. In addition, we hope the movie 'Puncture' will help raise awareness about needlestick injuries and their prevention."

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