Sepsis: One Father's Story, Part 2

Infection Control TodayInfection Control Today, March 2023, (Vol. 27, No. 2)
Volume 27
Issue 2

In this second installment of 3, Infection Control Today® continues a personal story of how sepsis can enter central lines and how it affects the entire family.

(The first installment is here.)

In this second installment of 3, Infection Control Today® (ICT®) continues a father's story about how his son survived sepsis after entering through a central line, and the huge toll the experience took, not only on his son, but on his whole family.

David Jordon, BS, key account manager for US hospitals for Covalon Technologies talks to ICT® about his family’s story of how sepsis changed their lives. He describes his family’s story of pain, loneliness, and, above all, strength to get through a terrible time in their lives due to their son’s illness. This story is also a tale of dedication, determination, and love.

This installment discusses the resiliency of his son and how it shows in his dedication to keeping himself safe from future sepsis incidents. Jordan describes the hospital stay and the long-term effects on his son and family.

“One of the things that [my wife and I] decided, as a mom and a dad is he's never going to be in a hospital by himself," Jordan said in the exclusive interview. "We will always be there with him. And so my wife did the first week with him. And, you know, it was incredibly taxing on her to handle nurses, doctors, middle of the night, checks on all his vital signs and things. I mean, you don't get any sleep. And so, she had asked [me] if I could do the last little bit, and I offered and said, 'Yeah.' Fortunately, I was working a job where I could be remote at the time, even though this was pre-COVID. So I would do Zoom meetings from his hospital room, [sitting] next to his bed. I pulled the last three weeks' shift with him."

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