InPro Takes Solid Surfaces to a New Level of Antimicrobial Protection


InPro Corporation announces that it has developed a comprehensive line of products that employ antimicrobial technologies to reduce the spread of harmful microbes in buildings. Now the company is adding a solid surface material that stops the growth of mold and mildew and actively eliminates many dangerous microbes: BioPrism® Antimicrobial. This new material is designed to protect the most vulnerable surfaces in buildings, including wall panels, shower tubs and surrounds, washroom privacy partitions, window sills and decorative trim, and vanity and countertops.

"Other solid surface materials merely stop germs from multiplying," says Mark Alan, senior vice president of product management and development for InPro Corporation. "You need to eliminate those odds altogether like BioPrism Antimicrobial does. One microbe is too many when it comes to keeping surfaces clean."

Surface contamination is especially dangerous for facilities with vulnerable users, such as long-term care facilities (LTCFs), where as many as many as 380,000 residents die annually from harmful bacteria like MRSA. Despite this death toll, many facilities continue to rely on preventative methods that have proven insufficient, including hand washing and disinfection protocols.

InPro's other antimicrobial products zero in on the critical contamination battlegrounds of handrails and privacy curtains:
- SureContact handrails incorporate Sanitized® Zinc Pyrithione non-leaching technology to help eliminate microorganisms. This ingredient inactivates harmful microbes, creating a permanently protected surface. This physical mode of action does not promote microbe cell mutation and does not leach into the surrounding environment.
- Shield® by Panaz privacy curtains incorporate a silane based non-leaching technology to help eliminate microorganisms. The physical mode of action does not promote microbe cell mutation and provides around the clock protection for the life of the curtain.

"The stakes are too high in this war against microbes to leave anything to chance," says Alan. "It's our mission to give building managers and owners every edge possible to keep their people safe."

Source: InPro Corporation

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