Integrated BioPharma, Inc. to Develop Flu Vaccine Using Its Proprietary Technology

HILLSIDE, N.J. -- Integrated BioPharma, Inc. today announced that INB:Biotechnologies Inc. (formerly NuCycle Therapy Inc.), INB's wholly owned biotech subsidiary, has entered into an agreement with Fraunhofer USA, to develop a flu vaccine using transient expression vectors based on plant viruses. This technique involves living plants as the production system for the vaccine. INB Biotechnologies will be using the same technology for the flu vaccine that is being developed for the oral anthrax vaccine in its previously announced Cooperative Research and Development Agreement signed with the United States Navy last month.


"This agreement enables the company to build on its platform of vaccine-related technologies to radically improve the manner in which vaccines are manufactured and delivered," said Integrated BioPharma chairman and CEO E. Gerald Kay.


INB Biotechnologies' plant technology may offer vaccines that are produced more quickly, less expensively and with higher purity then current production methods. A faster development time is especially important if there is a need to adapt a vaccine due to the presence of a new flu strain.


Source: Integrated BioPharma, Inc