Inviro Medical Introduces New InviroSNAP!® Safety Syringe Flu Trays

ATLANTA -- Infection control company Inviro Medical Devices announces a new product, InviroSNAP!® Safety Syringe Flu Trays, designed specifically for institutions and companies that administer flu shots in bulk. InviroSNAP! Safety Syringe Flu Trays contain 25 3ml 1 safety syringes and are available in case quantities with 40 trays in a case.

The introduction of this product comes shortly after the CDC released a recommendation that urges all healthcare providers, as well as those in training for healthcare professions,  to be vaccinated annually against influenza, says Gareth Clarke, chief executive officer of Inviro Medical Devices. We believe that institutions administering flu shots to their employees will benefit from the ease and convenience of our packaged flu trays.

InviroSNAP! Safety Syringe Flu Trays offer the following benefits to healthcare providers:

-- Enables easy administration of flu shots - trays designed for convenient access.

-- Reduces packaging waste includes 25 sterile syringes in a sealed tray, instead of 25 individually packaged, unopened syringes.

-- Reduces administration time designed to save both clinicians and patients valuable time.

-- Reduces risk of needlestick injuries - includes cost-effective safety syringes that bridge the gap between bulky retro-fitted designs and more expensive automatic retractables.

The InviroSNAP! Safety Syringe Flu Trays include Inviro Medical Devices flagship, patented InviroSNAP! Safety Syringes. These syringes function like traditional syringes, but the device is engineered with a safety feature integral to the design. After using standard technique to administer a medication dose from the safety syringe, the clinician pulls the plunger back, causing the needle to retract inside the barrel. The plunger is then snapped off, permanently disabling the device. These easy-to-use syringes help hospitals and healthcare professionals reduce the incidence of needlestick injuries on the job, and can be especially critical in settings where flu shots and other vaccinations are being administered in bulk.

Source: Inviro Medical Devices