Kimberly-Clark Acquires Microcuff GmbH

DALLAS and WEINHEIM, Germany -- Kimberly-Clark Corporation announced today that it has acquired Microcuff GmbH, a privately held medical device and technology company in Germany.  Microcuff has developed patented catheter technology, integrating micro-thin balloon components.  The balloon membranes can be applied to numerous healthcare products and provide an innovative design platform for further device developments.  Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

This latest acquisition to Kimberly-Clark's Health Care business will further enhance its position as a leading global provider of innovative and technologically advanced medical devices.  It will provide the Health Care business with a proprietary technology base to build on its current airway management business, including offering differentiated medical devices that reduce Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP).

"The acquisition of Microcuff is consistent with our Global Business Plan initiatives to introduce high-margin solutions for the operating room and infection control, much like the patient warming solutions that came out of the technology we acquired from Medivance two years ago," said Joanne Bauer, president of Kimberly-Clark Health Care. "VAP is one of the most acute infections confronting hospitals and health care workers worldwide.  The acquisition of Microcuff provides Kimberly-Clark with a unique technology that will be used to develop a variety of high-potential clinical products that can help reduce VAP and other health care related infections."

Cheryl Perkins, K-C senior vice president and chief technical officer, said, "This acquisition is an example of our Innovation team working together with our businesses to identify key insights and acquire appropriate technology that will lead to new and innovative solutions.  Microcuff's technology provides K-C with an opportunity to save lives, drive growth and profitability, and be a leader in health and hygiene."

Microcuff was founded in 2001 by Dr. Fred Gobel, Dr. Lothar Gobel and Wolfgang Blecher.  The company is based in Weinheim, Germany, near Heidelberg.

Source: Kimberly-Clark Corporation