Kimberly-Clark Adds to its Line of SAFESKIN Powder-Free Surgical Gloves


ROSWELL, Ga. -- Kimberly-Clark Health Care (K-C) announces that it has introduced several new versions of the SAFESKIN* PF Powder-Free Latex Surgical Glove tailored to meet the expanding needs of the surgical team. In addition to the standard SAFESKIN* PF Powder-Free Latex Surgical Glove introduced last year, K-C now offers surgical gloves designed to meet the demands of plastic, neuro, minimally invasive, orthopedic, and trauma procedures, as well as those looking for extra protection through double gloving.


The new gloves help to complete the "head-to-toe" line of personal protective equipment offered by Kimberly-Clark.  They reinforce Kimberly-Clark's commitment to protecting healthcare professionals and patients through products that are designed to provide excellent barrier properties and user comfort, while minimizing the risk of powder complications resulting from the use of powdered surgical gloves. K-C's full line of powder-free surgical gloves are rigorously tested for durability, puncture resistance, and freedom from holes and easily meet or exceed all ASTM and EN standards for surgical gloves.


"Kimberly-Clark has continued to improve upon the thin film manufacturing processes that make it possible for us to produce high quality gloves," said Joanne Bauer, president of Kimberly-Clark Health Care. "Our customers have been expressing a need for gloves that address the issues they encounter in specific procedures. Our micro gloves have exceptional tactile sensitivity for delicate surgeries such as eye, neuro, and plastic surgery; while the ortho gloves need to be strong with enhanced grip, but not so thick as to lose sensitivity. These gloves are ideally suited to the orthopedic surgeon and trauma teams. In addition, Kimberly-Clark has introduced our underglove, a surgical glove manufactured with a lighter grip for those who prefer a slicker glove surface.  This glove also allows for ease of double gloving for those who require extra protection during the operative procedure."


"Our new surgical gloves enhance performance and provide critical protection with the goal of achieving improved outcomes." Bauer added, "Considering the mounting body of evidence against surgical glove powder, we believe that our technological leadership in powder-free glove technology will overcome the obstacles to the elimination of powder in the surgical environment and its negative impact on patient outcomes."


Source: Kimberly-Clark Health Care

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