Kimberly-Clark Ballard Trach Care Covered Under New CMS Reimbursement Code

DRAPER, Utah -- Kimberly-Clark Health Care, a market leader in closed suction systems, announced that effective immediately, its BALLARD* TRACH CARE* Closed Tracheal Suction Systems are now covered under CMS code A4605 (formerly A4609 and A4610) and has a set fee schedule of $16.40.


"We applaud the fact that CMS has made a meaningful change in the reimbursement of closed suction catheters," said Tim Dye, general manager, critical care and temperature management, Kimberly-Clark Health Care. "Closed suctioning protects those patients with artificial airways by reducing the risk of infection that might occur from cross-contamination. It is also significantly more comfortable for the patient."

The closed-suction platform is easier to use in home care and long-term care settings and offers:


-- Protection to the caregiver from unnecessary exposure to patients' body fluids

-- Proper adherence to recommended universal precautions

 -- Reduction of risk for infection and cross-contamination


"We believe the action taken by CMS is a positive step towards making this valuable therapy available to patients as they transition from acute care into the home care setting," said Dye.


Source: Kimberly-Clark Health Care