Kimberly-Clark Health Care Launches Online Glove Selector Tool


ROSWELL, Ga. -- The tasks are myriad. Changing dressings, taking blood, major surgery, simple exam. The choices are overwhelming. Latex, nitrile, vinyl. Purple, blue, green, clear. Vitamin E. Powder, powder-free. How can a healthcare professional possibly make the right choice, a choice that will best protect the patient and the healthcare worker and still keep an eye on cost?

Today, Kimberly-Clark Health Care made that process easier with the introduction of an online Glove Selector Tool, a decision-making modeling aid designed to assist customers in the purchase of medical exam and dental exam gloves. By helping customers select the appropriate glove for the task at hand, the Glove Selector Tool allows customers to manage the entire glove mix, taking out some of the complexity of the process and helping customers make more effective decisions. It can be accessed within the Tools & Information portion of the Kimberly-Clark Health Care Web site at

"Within five mouse clicks, our customers can now easily identify the optimal mix of gloves needed," said Tim Dye, general manager, Kimberly-Clark Health Care. "The new tool helps our customers more effectively manage their glove mix and helps us cover their many needs in the most efficient way possible."

To provide a glove recommendation, the Glove Selector Tool leads customers through a series of questions regarding use and protection. What's going to be your exposure level to blood or body fluids? What's the latex sensitivity? Are there chemicals involved in the task? As the user answers each question the search becomes narrower. It takes answering only four to five questions, and the glove recommendation for an institution's specific hand protection needs is displayed.

"The Glove Selector Tool will help our customers increase their purchasing efficiency," Dye added. "It is another example of our dedication to providing outstanding products and superior customer support."

With its acquisition of Safeskin in 1999, Kimberly-Clark became a leading manufacturer of high-quality, disposable gloves for healthcare, high technology and scientific industries. Kimberly Clark Health Care produces sterile surgical, medical examination, dental examination and consumer gloves.

The Kimberly-Clark Health Care business, headquartered in Roswell, Ga., manufactures and markets surgical drapes, gowns, sterilization wrap and pouches, personal protective apparel and face masks, and patient care products. With the acquisition of Safeskin Corporation, Kimberly-Clark added disposable medical and surgical gloves to its product portfolio and now offers head-to-toe protection for healthcare workers. The company is also a leader in the medical device field with its lines of closed suction catheters, enteral feeding tubes and a variety of pain management products.

Source: Kimberly-Clark Health Care

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