Kimberly-Clark Professional Supports Global Handwashing Day

Kimberly-Clark Professional, the supplier of hygiene products and services, is lending its support to this years Global Handwashing Day on Oct 15. The worldwide event, which has been staged annually since 2008, highlights the important role that good hand hygiene plays in preventing the spread of a range of diseases in both developing and developed countries. The campaign focuses on the fact that it is essential to wash hands with soap and water to help ensure the highest possible standards of hygiene.

Kimberly-Clark Professional will mark the event by producing three short films located in environments where good hand hygiene is critical healthcare, foodservice and office buildings. The message in each video explains the steps of how to wash and dry your hands effectively and is accompanied by a song which is a fun way to explain the importance of hand hygiene.

To promote its support for Global Handwashing Day, Kimberly-Clark Professional has set up a dedicated Web page where the films can be viewed at Customers will also be contacted to spread the word of Global Handwashing Day.

Richard Millard, EMEA segment manager at Kimberly-Clark Professional, says, "Global Handwashing Day is an important event that could make a real difference to peoples lives all over the world and we are proud to be supporting it. With many diseases spread by poor hand hygiene, Kimberly-Clark Professional fully endorses the aim of the campaign, which is to educate people that hand washing with soap and water is not simply a good idea but is something that is essential and should become a regular habit."

Kimberly-Clark Professional offers a range of hand hygiene solutions that can aid effective handwashing and drying