Lab Studies Test Sanitizers' Germ-Kill Requirements


GOJO Industries announces the results of a series of independent lab studies testing the ability of instant hand sanitizers to meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)'s Healthcare Personnel Handwash germ kill requirements at various dosage levels.

The studies, which included more than 20 different hand sanitizers, concluded that the patent-pending PURELL Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer formulation is the only one to meet FDA germ kill requirements with a single 1.2 mL dispense. All other hand sanitizers in the tests failed to meet performance requirements at a 2.0 mL dose, even when they contained a higher percentage of alcohol.

The studies, conducted at BioSciences Laboratories in Bozeman, Mont., used the Healthcare Personnel Handwash test methodology as described in the FDA Tentative Final Monograph for Healthcare Antiseptic Drug Products (21 CFR Parts 333 and 369).  While the monograph sets the standard for product performance in healthcare settings, the findings are important for all types of businesses that provide hand sanitizers to help reduce the spread of germs.

"Whether in a workplace, school, healthcare facility or a public setting like a restaurant, casino or health club, people have an expectation of high performance when hand sanitizer is provided," says Tim Dye, GOJO North American business general manager and vice president.  "Our newest dispensers, the PURELL ADX and LTX systems, are designed to deliver 1.2 mL of hand sanitizer, providing users with the assurance that they are getting the right amount of product for effective germ kill every time."  

PURELL Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer formulations contain a patent-pending blend of ingredients that maximize the impact of alcohol on bacteria while maintaining skin moisture for optimal skin health.  A blend of four different skin conditioners moisturize skin and continue to promote skin health with repeated use.   

Additionally, GOJO announces the introduction of the new PURELL LTX Touch Free Dispensing System. The new touch-free system is the latest hand sanitizer dispenser innovation, offering elegant, sustainable design and reliable performance. GOJO provides a Lifetime Performance Guarantee on the dispensers that even includes the batteries. The dispensers are available in solid white or in black with a brushed chrome finish. Two sizes are available: a high-capacity 1200 mL system for high traffic locations; and a compact, 700 mL system for areas where space is limited. 


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Source: GOJO Industries

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