Luminore CopperTouch Created to Help Address HAIs

Thomas Valente, president and CEO, announces the formation of LuminOre CopperTouch, a new company from the inventor of LuminOre Composite Metals. The new enterprise is positioned to enter the burgeoning healthcare industry through its proprietary products targeting hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

LuminOre CopperTouch has acquired a patented cold-metal atomization copper process from Luminore Inc., the international fabrication and composite manufacturing company. Valente believes the new company will play a significant role in educating hospitals and consumers about the benefits of antimicrobial properties of copper.

Copper is the first and only solid material to be registered by the Environmental Protection Agency as an antimicrobial surface, Valente says. LuminOre CopperTouchs finish, which is virtually indistinguishable from solid forged copper, can be produced at a mere fraction of the cost of the solid material. Production is scheduled to begin in mid-2012 in the companys new 60,000-square-foot fabrication facility, immediately after LuminOre CopperTouch receives official registration from the EPA. The preregistration process is currently underway. Hospital bathroom fixtures will be the first items produced, since it has been determined that this is where the greatest potential for cross-contamination exists.

The economic impact of the problem is staggering. MRSA can cost hospitals roughly $30,000 per case, according to a study performed this year by Arrowsight Medical. In addition, all hospital-acquired infections can result in up to $33 billion in excess medical costs nationwide per year, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). While the healthcare industry is where solutions are most urgently needed, other potential applications for the technology are unlimited, Valente says. Any touchable surface in any public place, like restrooms, commercial kitchens, spas and health clubs, are potential places for copper antimicrobial surfaces.