Maxxon Expands Joint Venture with Safety Scalpel Product

TULSA, Okla. -- Maxxon, Inc. today announced that it has added a second product to its recently created joint venture with Globe Med Tech of Houston, Texas. Maxxon has exercised its option for its recently formed joint venture, a 50/50-owned venture between Maxxon and Globe, to acquire the patented Auto Retractable Safety Scalpel with Permanent Lock, including patent rights. The Ssafety scalpel is a spring-loaded automatic retractable scalpel that permanently locks using a one-handed technique and is currently being manufactured. Globe is beginning a marketing campaign to distribute the product.

"The Joint venture with Globe Med Tech is clearly a win-win situation. It brings together two companies with diverse backgrounds with distinct strengths, allowing both parties to focus on their forte. Globe will continue to evaluate new safety products and patents and will attempt to bring related products and technologies to the Joint Venture," stated Ron Wheet, CEO of Maxxon.

Maxxon is a development-stage company committed to reducing the risk of accidental needlestick injuries and deaths to healthcare workers. Maxxon's 3cc safety syringe, presently in development, is designed as a single-handed, vacuum-operated safety syringe that retracts the used needle into the syringe after use.

Globe Med Tech, Inc. is a high-tech medical safety and drug delivery products developer and manufacturer based in Houston, Texas, with a clean-room manufacturing presence in China.

Source: Maxxon, Inc.