Meadows Regional Medical Center is First in Georgia to Implement Technology from DebMed

DebMed®, creator of an award-winning electronic hand hygiene compliance monitoring system based on the World Health Organization (WHO)'s Five Moments for Hand Hygiene, announces that it has signed a contract with Meadows Regional Medical Center, making the hospital the first in Georgia to implement a new electronic hand hygiene monitoring technology with the goal of reducing healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). 

Our commitment is to provide the best care and safety for all of our patients, and the DebMed GMS electronic hand monitoring system will enable us to take that commitment to quality to the next level, says Meadows president and CEO Alan Kent.  This innovative solution improves hand hygiene compliance by using real-time data based on the World Health Organizations Five Moments for Hand Hygiene standard and tools to facilitate behavior change that will directly benefit our patients.

The DebMed GMS electronically monitors all five moments of hand hygiene as established by the WHO, which are: before patient contact, before antiseptic task, after body fluid exposure, after patient contact and after contact with patients surroundings.  DebMed is also the only electronic monitoring system to track hand hygiene activity at the patient bedside with monitored point-of-care dispensers, increasing access to sanitizer and improving staff compliance with the WHO Five Moments guidelines.

The DebMed Program goes beyond electronic monitoring to provide supporting tools such as staff meeting facilitation guides and visual reminders to help encourage increased hand hygiene activity among staff, ultimately creating a safer environment for the patient.  During the initial implementation of the DebMed GMS system, Meadows has already seen improvement of hand hygiene compliance in the two pilot units.

The implementation of the DebMed GMS electronic hand hygiene monitoring system is a clear demonstration of Meadows Regional Medical Centers commitment to patient safety, and we are excited to partner with such a forward-thinking organization that is focused on providing a state-of-the-art patient environment, says Heather McLarney, vice president of marketing for DebMed.

Source: DebMed