Medical Textiles are a Major Growth Area Within the Technical Textiles Industry

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DUBLIN, Ireland Information brokerage firm Research and Markets reports that  medical textiles are a major growth area within the technical textiles industry, and that the range of applications continues to grow and increase in diversity with every new development. Recent innovations include novel chitosan-alginate fibers for advanced wound dressings, ultrasonic energy for bleaching cotton medical textiles, durable and rechargeable biocidal textiles, spider silk supportive matrix for cartilage regeneration, barbed bi-directional surgical sutures, and intelligent textiles for medical applications.

The publication, Medical Textiles and Biomaterials for Healthcare is a culmination of the worldwide research into medical textiles and biomaterials. It is divided into eight parts covering the main areas of basic biomaterials, healthcare and hygiene products, infection control and barrier materials, bandaging and pressure garments, wound-care materials, implantable and medical devices and smart technologies. Each part contains a comprehensive overview written by leading experts in the area. The overviews are then followed by a selection of the best papers from the 2003 MEDTEX Conference, hosted by the University of Bolton. Topics covered include:

- Biomaterials Utilized in Medical Textiles

- Healthcare and Hygiene Products

- Infection Control and Barrier Materials

- Bandaging and Pressure Garments


- Wound-care Materials

- Implantable Devices

- Medical Devices

- Intelligent Textiles for Medical Applications

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Source: Research and Markets