Medline Launches New Silvertouch Foley Catheter

MUNDELEIN, Ill. -- Medline, the nation's largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies, is introducing Silvertouch, a new silver-coated Foley catheter with patented silver ion-releasing technology from Covalon that will help improve patient care and comfort.

"Silvertouch raises the bar for silver-coated catheters. The bottom line is that Silvertouch is good for patients and for hospitals and healthcare facilities.  The Silvertouch Foley Catheter with Covalon's groundbreaking silver ion-releasing technology makes this catheter more comfortable for patients because the coating keeps the catheter lubricated, said Medline group division president Ken Chua. "We're thrilled to bring this product to market because we know how hard our customers are working to improve patient care and outcomes.

Silvertouch Foley catheters are designed to actually maintain the lubricious coating for seven days or more due to covalent bonding of the lubricious surface coating. This helps to decrease friction of the catheter surface against the urethral tissue.

"This is a very exciting partnership designed to introduce a new silver ion-releasing catheter. By offering this catheter, Medline has tremendous potential to do good for many patients who need to be catheterized, said Dr. Frank DiCosmo, president and CEO of Covalon.

Source: Medline