Meritech Automated Handwashing Systems Now Available with Integrated Hand Dryers


Meritech, the manufacturer of the world’s only fully automated and completely touch-free handwashing systems, has just introduced its newest innovation, the CleanTech 500EZA, which incorporates a warm air dryer into the fully automated CleanTech handwashing system. At the end of every wash cycle, an integrated air dryer can completely or partially dry the hands, greatly reducing or eliminating paper towel waste in just 12 seconds.

“We are constantly listening to feedback from our customers about their needs for better Employee Hygiene SOPs," says Michele Colbert, vice president of sales and marketing at Meritech. "The idea of an integrated air dryer isn’t new, but the way we’re delivering it with our guaranteed handwash will certainly make waves in many industries. More and more people want to improve their impact on the environment by reducing waste. Meritech has worked hard to provide our customers products that greatly reduce water and soap usage, wash waste discharge and paper towel waste.”

All of Meritech’s CleanTech automated handwashing systems deliver a 12-second wash and rinse cycle, removing 99.98 percent of dangerous pathogens from hands and gloved hands. Meritech products also use 75 percent less water, require less soap/sanitizer and reduce discharge waste. The CleanTech 500EZA is ideal for any company seeking a “greener” footprint, while maintaining the utmost highest sanitary standards.

Source: Meritech


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