Metrex CaviWipes Goes Red to Support Pediatric HIV/AIDS Research

Metrex Research Corporation announces that a portion of sales proceeds from each specially marked case sold of its leading brand of surface disinfectants, CaviWipes, will be donated to increase awareness and support much-needed research and treatment programs for pediatric HIV/AIDS.

In the spirit of the campaign, participating CaviWipes products are designed in a red label instead of the standard pink label. Look for the red-labeled CaviWipes product and know that with each case purchased, you are helping to improve the lives of HIV-infected children worldwide.

Every day, more than 1,000 children are infected with HIV, and the majority of these infections result from mother-to-child transmission. Antiretroviral therapy can help these children grow up healthy; however, in impoverished areas of the world, care and available treatment are very limited.

Metrex’s red-labeled CaviWipes is a limited-time program. No additional cost apply or ordering required to purchase this product. To find out more, CLICK HERE.

Source: Metrex Corporation