Metrex Introduces New Metricide OPA Plus High-Level Disinfectant

  ORANGE, Calif. -- Metrex Research Corporation introduces MetriCide OPA Plus Solution, a new high-level disinfectant to complement the companys industry-leading line of infection prevention products. Effective for use in both manual and automated reprocessing, the new orthophthalaldehyde (OPA) product is a lower-cost alternative, and can process up to 40 percent more endoscopes per gallon than Cidex® OPA.1 Additionally, Metrex introduces MetriCide OPA Plus Solution Test Strips, which provide a 33 percent faster reading time compared to other OPA test strips. Through Dec. 31, 2008, Metrex is offering a Super-Value Plus Package at no extra charge in each case of MetriCide OPA Plus Solution ordered.2 Along with the four one-gallon bottles of MetriCide OPA Plus Solution contained in the case, the Super-Value Plus Package includes 100 MetriCide OPA Plus Solution Test Strips, a 2-ounce sample of EmPower® Dual-Enzymatic Detergent for instrument pre-cleaning, and a test strip log book, all at a price well below what you would expect to pay for just the four gallons of OPA solution.

MetriCide OPA Plus Solution is non-corrosive, gentle on endoscopes or other surgical instruments, and provides a broad spectrum of kill including Tuberculosis, Hepatitis A (AER), hepatitis B, HIV-1 and polio Virus Type 1. Exceptionally fast and effective, it disinfects at 25°C in 5 minutes in a legally marketed automatic endoscope reprocessor and at room temperature (20°C) in 12 minutes with manual reprocessing. This faster turnaround ensures greater staff productivity and instrument throughput, especially important in high-volume situations. MetriCide OPA Plus Solution does not require activation or dilution and may be reused for up to 14 days (when monitored according to label instructions for use).

 When our customers speak, we listen, says Metrex president Todd Norbe. They asked for an OPA alternative at a better value and we have responded. This product not only offers enhanced performance, but major cost savings with our Super-Value Plus Package. With our reputation for superior customer service and high-quality infection-prevention brands such as MetriCide®, CaviCide®, VioNexus®, CaviWipes and EmPower®, MetriCide OPA Plus Solution effectively positions Metrex as a true one-stop shop for Protecting People across all disinfectant categories and infection prevention needs.

Source: Metrex Corporation